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There are several advantages but these are the key benefits of LED

  1. Energy Efficient: Conventional lights lose most of their energy via heat (especially incandescent bulbs).  LED reduces energy consumption significantly while supplying the same brightness.
  2. Long Life (reduces maintenance cost over time): LED 50,000-100,000 hours vs 1000 hours for incandescent bulbs or 6000-15000 hours for fluorescent.
  3. Ecologically Friendly: LED does not contain any mercury or other toxic chemicals

They are ultra-thin (5/16″ or 8mm), using 1/4″ (6mm) of acrylic and a 5/16″ (8mm) aluminum channel on each side. There is also a corner piece to protect wires and electrical components.

Feelis developed a unique V-cut pattern that results in higher brightness and more uniformity of light.

Custom sizes up to 60″ x 118″ (1500mm x 3000mm)

We have different types of boxes for different uses:

Edge-lit Single-Sided type: 20mm, 16mm, or 10mm thick

Edge-lit Double-Sided type: 40mm thick

Please see www.feelisusa.com for details. We use high quality snap lock frames so it is easy to change your images at any time using portrait or landscape orientation. For larger boxes, you can choose either 2 or 4 sided LEDs so you can control the brightness as well as the color temperatures.

Our two standard colors are silver and black. For custom orders, white is available.

Yes, we have inventory in California for the standard edge-lit boxes.

Please see below table for our standard sizes.

ModelGraphic Size
FrameLED Size
Overall Box Size
Total Weight
SS1216S12 x 16Silver1 x 1615 x 20 x 36
SS1216B12 x 16Black1 x 1615 x 20 x 36
SS1824S18 x 24Silver2 x 1821 x 29 x 312
SS1824B18 x 24Black2 x 1821 x 29 x 312
SS2228S22 x 28Silver2 x 2225 x 33 x 316
SS2228B22 x 28Black2 x 2225 x 33 x 316
SS2436S24 x 36Silver2 x 3628 x 41 x 322
SS2436B24 x 36Black2 x 3628 x 41 x 322
SS3040S30 x 40Silver2 x 4035 x 46 x 337
SS3648S36 x 48Silver2 x 48 41 x 54 x 342
SS3648B36 x 48Black2 x 4841 x 54 x 342
SS3660S36 x 60Silver2 x 6041 x 66 x 352

There are two general kinds of LCD displays, Passive Matrix and Active Matrix.

Feelis uses V-cut engraving technology on the acrylic board to guarantee the even distribution of light over the entire surface. To distribute the light uniformly, the pattern is wider when it is closer to the LEDs, and narrower further away. The pattern changes depending on size. However, after seven years of technology development, Feelis has achieved a center brighter than the edges which is the desired result.


You can order just one light board or box and we will custom make it for you.
Unless it is a large quantity (more than 500), it will take a maximum of 8 business days for manufacture and delivery to anywhere in the US (In most cases, you will receive the product within a week).
No. We only make squares and rectangles.
From 2700K to 9000K (at 500K intervals, unless it is a large quantity).
We use several different manufacturers in order to provide various color temperatures, but we do not use LED chips
manufactured in China.
3-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase.
No, our light board and boxes are for indoor use only.
Our products are available in both 12V and 24V. We also provide a UL approved power supply.
Please email lewis@feelisusa.com for any price inquiries. Since our products are custom made, make sure that you include accurate size specifications in your email.